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Thai massage is an ancient art which is very popular throughout the world. Danes know it from their vacations to Thailand, where masseuses often practice their trade in temporary tent-like shelters in order to avoid the burning sun.

These massages, though no-doubt pleasant in their own right, are often offered by people who lack proper training. We aim to provide a higher level of service, which is often difficult to obtain outside Thailand.

If you want to experience the genuine art of Thai Massage, visit with us and save yourself a long trip.

Traditional Thai Massage is based on systematized use of pressure points and stretching applied in pre-determined sequences to your entire body. Loose fitting clothes can be worn while the massage is being performed.

The purpose of the massage is to relax your body and mind, thus increasing your personal well-being. After even a single massage, you will be able to note a lightness in your step. With regular massage, you will also increase your agility and the ability to relax, reducing the effects of stress


Original Thai-massage is ’hard’ and may look quite threatening to ’stiff’ Scandinavian bodies, but there is no need to worry. We are able to adjust the regular Thai massage programs according your needs.

We can also restrict the treatments to certain segments of the regular programs, focusing on treatment of neck-, back-, or leg pains. In order to treat such pains we also use a series of yoga-like stretches which target those specific areas.

During the course of a regular Thai massage, the whole body is worked through by a trained masseuse, who uses her hands, feet, elbows, knees, and bodyweight to achieve maximum effect.

The object of the massage is to improve your well-being and health by releasing tensions and stretching stiff muscles. Traditional Thai Massage stimulates increased bloodflow and the release of natural endorphins.

We also offer an Oil Massage. This is a softer full-body treatment suitable for relieving stress or as an introduction to massage for those very susceptible to pain.

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The following has been said of Thai Massage :


"Thai Massage assists the body's innate desire to return to optimum performance and optimum health, contributing to a sense of ease and well-being. One begins to sense the rightness of the inner Self, Being, and of Life."

Less philosophical:

"Thai massage is an excellent treatment for hangovers"

We hope to see you soon......

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